Anja Mertl

Founder & CEO

Alice Nägle

Sales & Marketing Specialist

Orianna Stewart

SEO Content Marketer

Experts in Social-First Marketing 

 Social First Marketing = Understanding the "who" alongside with the "what", "how", "why" and "when" will help achieve a successful social media presence. Our definition of social success is understanding the importance of social media and taking the first step towards growing your business in the digital world!

About DeVo Media 

DeVo Media is a digital marketing company founded in 2018 by Anja Mertl. 

DeVo Media was developed to help business owners grow their companies and relationships with their customers by providing quality content on website and social media.


Our mission is to over succeed our clients’ expectation EVERY time.

Efficiency: Work smart & hard 

Togetherness: Teamwork makes the dream work 

Kindness: With each other and the customers